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La Hacienda Show Stables Trainer - Javier Cespedes


At the early age of 8 years old, I started riding and driven by the immense passion for the equestrian art I have not stopped since then. I was lucky to have very good horseman initiate me in this sport and train me until I became a junior, when I was fortunate to ride for PILAR CEPEDA. She is now known for her amazing work putting together a world famous equestrian facility in Monterrey, Mexico called LA SILLA. Alfonso Romo, an Olympic rider, is the owner of this “Disney-like equestrian facility.”

From Pilar, I learned all about horsemanship, which is sometimes forgotten by riders, and put together my own system of working with students and horses. Her ten years of living and competing in Europe definitely provided her with most of her experience in training riders and horses all the way up to Olympic level. She was humble and professional when giving me all my knowledge through the unforgettable hard training that led me on to be the horseman that I am now. VERY MUCH DO I HAVE TO THANK MY FRIEND PILAR CEPEDA. In my college years here in the UNITED STATES, while obtaining my business administration degree, I rode at Even Keel Farms, for HUNTER TRAINER JUDGE, PADDY DOWNING, whom I thank very much for the opportunity of learning more about horses through the hunter world. Also, at Even Keel Farms, I rode horses for the very well respected and known dealer and trainer RICHARD WATSON. Through them, I learned more of the American system and included it in my own.  I THANK THEM VERY MUCH. Later on, I went to VENEZUELA, where I began my own experience as a trainer for a club in Valencia called CLUB HIPICO CARABOBO. I had to put this club back in competition after several years of almost disappearing from the horse shows in the country. There I had many achievements, the most important one being, taking riders from low classes to Grand Prix level with horses trained by me. I stayed 11 years at this club and I am proud of many of my students that are now starting to become professional riders, course designers, and horsemen. WONDERFUL TIMES AND FRIENDS TO REMEMBER. While doing my training in Valencia, I was called from the most important country club in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, to be a part of them. I left for Caracas to work in the CARACAS COUNTRY CLUB, where I worked for five years and achieved many successes. Of these successes, the most important ones were:

  • Three different students won the national rankings in three years in a row as riders in Grand Prix level.
  • Many international representations of Venezuela in countries like BRAZIL, ECUADOR, USA, COLOMBIA, PUERTO RICO, and ARGENTINA.
  • I also have to name the RESERVE JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP in the AMERICAN GAMES, celebrated in Venezuela, won by ANDRES RODRIGUEZ.  After that he won  the NATIONAL RANKING AS A GRAND PRIX RIDER before leaving for Belgium where he trained with NELSON PESSOA, continuing thereafter to work for JAN TOPS.
  • The most recent important event in my life as a trainer was the excellent performance of my rider, LEOPOLDO PAOLI, competing in the WEF, in Wellington Florida this last season, where among other winnings, he classified his 7 year old horse in the international arena in one of the toughest LEVELS OF COMPETION IN THE WORLD.

To complete my training as a professional I have to mention the different clinics that I have taken with important professionals in the Olympic level:

  • Clinics in course designing:
    • Two clinics with Olympic course designer LEOPOLDO PALACIOS 
    • Clinic with one of the most renowned course designers: PAMELA CARUTHERS
    • Clinic with international course designer ELIO PESSOA
  • Clinic with the internationally known and respected PIERRE JOLICOEUR
  • Clinic with Olympic rider GREG BEST
  • Clinic with Olympic rider ALFONSO de MIRANDA NETO
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